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Refill 3D Pen

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New type PCL filament,  low printing temperature (80 - 100℃), super safe for children! (While printing temperature of filament like ABS/PLA are around 190℃ ~ 210℃ or above.)
Healthy, recyclable and environmentally friendly, you can warm it up with 50℃ hot water in 5s, then reuse it like a plasticene! Create model just with your hand!
Diameter 1.75mm, designed for Dewang DW-X4-2.0 low temperature 3D printing pen only.
Vivid and abundant colors: 10 random colors(random 10 out of 29 colors.)
10pcs per pack; 5m/16.4ft long each, total 50m/164ft.
Excellent printing effect: 100% pure material, 100% no bubble, no pen jamming, no upwards.

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