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Welcome to BQdeals
Welcome to BQdeals

Old photo repair


Note: Due to the different degree of damage to the photos, you must understand in detail which service you should buy when you purchase. If you have purchased the normal repair service, but your photos need advanced repair or intermediate repair, then You have two options: 1. increase the cost, we will fix it, 2. refund you in full.

We will repair the old photos, you only need to send the electronic photos of the old photos to our mailbox :, and we will send them directly to you by mail after the repair is completed. When sending photos, you need to tell us your order number and contact number 

1.Ordinary repair


The outline of the photo is obvious, the face can be seen clearly, and the damaged area or scratches or dirty spots can be repaired to keep the original film clear

2.Intermediate repair

Part of the face photos can be seen clearly, repair the damage. The facial features are clear

3.Advanced repair

The photo is basically damaged. Only part of the face can be seen clearly.

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