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Welcome to BQdeals

ED electronic waterproof color candle


Shell color only white and red


ThiLight color: warm white / pink / green / white / yellow / red

s candle number is made of high-brightness led power supply, practical button battery, high power and small

1.Smokeless, tasteless and steamless,Only adds to the good atmosphere,It will not generate a lot of heat and smoke like burning a candle. The protagonist will have difficulty breathing, the glasses are uncomfortable, and the scene is awkward.This candle is really suitable for confession, wedding anniversary, etc.

2.Can be adapted to various occasions without worrying about being blown out by the wind,Parks, squares, lawns, riverfronts, beaches, if you can think of it, it will be competent

3.Not afraid of causing accidental fire

4.Long life, can continue to use after changing the battery

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