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Smoke and carbon monoxide alarm combination detector with voice alarm (CO + smoke alarm)

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Power Supply:a 9V alkaline 6LR61 or carbon zinc battery 6F22.(battery not include)
Standby current: <100uA
Alarm current:<75mA

CO: sensitivity&time
50ppm, alarms with 60-90mins
100ppm, alarms with 10-40mins
300ppm, alarms with 3mins

LED Indicators:
GREEN LED:The green LED flashes every 30 seconds to indicate the unit is operating properly.
RED LED: The red LED flashes in conjuction with the alarm beep. When a dangerous level of carbon monoxide or a potential fire is detected, the red LED will flash and the 80dB alarm signal will be sent out.

Other Features:
LCD displayer with a blue back ground light.
Lound 85 dB alarm.
Permanent carbon monoxide sensor.
Test button to verify that the unit is functioning properly.
Green and red LED lights indicate normal operation and alarm status.
The unit will "Beep" and green green LED will flash once powered up.
The alarm will emit 4 short alarm beeps when Carbon Monoxide is detected and will emit continuous beeps when smoke is detected.
The alarm will also emit continuos beeps when both smoke and carbon monoxide are detected at the same time.<br> One "beep" every 30 seconds is an indication that the battery is low(needs replacement) or the unit is malfunctioning.

Package includes:
1x Combination Smoke and CO Alarm
1x User Manual
2x Expansion screws

* Please read the user manual thoroughly and save it for future reference.
* Battery's NOT included in the package. It can be purchased on Amazon or in convenience stores or supermarkets very easily.
* It is strongly recommended that you test the alarm regularly to ensure the alarm is functioning normally and the battery connected correctly and in power.

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