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Welcome to BQdeals

Baby fruit and vegetable feeder

Name: Push-type squeeze bite Bell fruit tooth gel (net bag is available in three models: large, medium and small)

Ingredients: Food Grade PP (Polypropylene) + Food Grade Silicone

Specifications: 12*4.5 (cm) Net weight: 51 grams or so

High temperature resistance: 120 ° C

Color: blue, red, green, yellow



1. Made of food grade silica gel, non-toxic and tasteless, safe, hygienic, flexible and durable.

2. It has a silica gel filter suitable for baby's mouth shape, and the mesh size is moderate to prevent the baby from squatting.

3. The juice that is sucked out after chewing is delicate and suitable for the baby to eat. It can be taken out and cleaned, and the dust cover is kept clean.

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