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Welcome to BQdeals
Welcome to BQdeals

Rearview Mirror HD 360° Black (Right)

1. Double side mirror design, expand your sight, can see the front of car and the back of car, improve safety.
2. Help to remove the blind spot, like encountering turning, U-turn, reversing, etc.

3. Display a wider vision for Anti-collision.
4. 360 degree rotation, unrestrained. 
5. Lightweight design, glass lens.
6. Fixed installation, convenient and quick to install.

Using Tips:
1. Select the suitable position(Can sit in the drivers seat to adjust the installation position,
in order to see the front-wheel bland spot, try to install the review mirror on the right as much as possible).
2. Tear off the the adhesives protective film,stick it on the selected position.
(Please pay attention on the adjusted position and then press tight)
3. After pasted,you can adjust to any beam angle.
4. Press the outer mirror,and adjust to the suitable view.
5. According to the pastes character,please dont moving,when washing the car,
please do not aim the water pipe connector at the mirror, otherwise the mirror may fall off.

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