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Welcome to BQdeals

1pc toilet scented beans


Randomly send products of different colors

100% new high quality
Product specifications

Purple lavender, blue ocean scent, yellow lemon scent, green apple scent, red rose scent
Size: 4.5*12cm handle 3.7*9.6cm
1. Clean gel, magic gel, easy to clean the toilet.
2. For daily use of toilet dirt, cleaning the toilet gel during use will release the foam clean and clean enough to handle it; use the toilet cannon, one day after using the toilet, while helping you clean in the water, can effectively prevent Deposition of dirt.

3. It has a unique appearance, we can feel the importance of innovative technology to improve the quality of life and infinite charm.

4. The product is mild in nature and has no corrosion to the toilet glaze and sewer.

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