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Welcome to BQdeals
Welcome to BQdeals

To Saler

1. How to cooperate?
When you have products that need to be cleared, you need to email us:

2. Is the product released directly by the merchant or to bqdeals?
The product is scheduled for release by bqdeals

3. What are the requirements for the product?
The products provided for clearing inventory must be quality-guaranteed products. We will reject fake and shoddy products.

4. What information do I need to provide?
Need to provide information about product quality testing and certification, as well as past sales evaluation information

5. Where is the purchaser paying?
The buyer goes to the merchant's original platform for purchase settlement.

6. How to deal with the issue of delivery?
It is up to the merchant to arrange delivery

7. How to deal with after-sales problems?
Bqdeals is only responsible for customer complaints and communicates with the merchant. Other after-sales issues are resolved by the merchant himself