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Welcome to BQdeals
Welcome to BQdeals

To Buyer

1. Where do the products on the website come from?

The products on this website come from merchants on Amazon, Walmart, ebay, AliExpress and other platforms.

2. Is the product a platform violation product?

All products on this website are regular products for each platform

3. Can I ship the product no matter in which country I purchased it?

When you buy, you have to see whether the product you bought is a product of the country you correspond to. Only when you buy it on the product link of the corresponding country can you ship it.

4. Where do I ship the product if I purchase it?

Ship directly in the local warehouse of the country where the product is located, usually from the official warehouse of the seller's goods, such as Amazon warehouse, Wal-Mart warehouse, or our overseas warehouse.

5. Is the quality problem of clearing inventory products?

No, all stock removal products are brand new. Only for various reasons, the seller decided to clear the inventory in a short time, so the price will be relatively low, without affecting the quality of the product itself.

6. Can I still buy products when I miss the inventory?

The number of cleared goods is limited, and once cleared, they will no longer be sold.

7. Can I buy a lot at once?

We support bulk purchases

8. Do you buy directly on the website when buying in bulk?

If you need a one-time bulk purchase, you can contact us first, contact information: Email:

9. Will there be price discounts for bulk purchases?
Yes, you can enjoy more favorable prices for bulk purchases.