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Welcome to BQdeals
Welcome to BQdeals

Placing an order

Placing an order

1. Add items to cart

After finding an item you would like to purchase, please select the following details:
The number of units you want to buy;
Then click “Add to cart” or "Buy it now"

If you want to purchase other products, you can go to “Continue Shopping” and repeat the same process. “Buy It Now” will redirect you to the checkout page to pay for your order.

2. Proceed to checkout

You can follow these steps to complete your order:

1. Check that the details and the quantity of each item are correct;

2. Click "Checkout";

3. Enter the code of the coupon, voucher or gift card you would like to redeem and click “Redeem”;

3.After completing this process, please follow the instructions listed here below:

1. Fill in contact information;

2. Type or select a shipping address among the ones saved in your account;

3. Continue to shipping method;

4. Select your preferred payment method;

If you require any further assistance on how to pay for your order, please contact us: